EU has work cut out agreeing on climate and energy policy
Full Article Business Day
23 Oct 2014

Related articles Juncker given the go-ahead for team of EU commissioners Time running out to meet global warming target, says draft UN report The big problems are connected LETTER: Climate change reality EU nations struggle to agree on dealing with Russia BRUSSELS — European Union (EU) leaders face hours of haggling as they seek to agree on a new...

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EU has work cut out agreeing on climate and energy policy
photo: European Community / EC

updated 22 Oct 2014; published 22 Oct 2014
EU Nations Threaten To Block Green Energy Rules At Summit Talks
updated 24 Jul 2014; published 24 Jul 2014
Corruption, politics, distraction - Europe’s energy security mix
updated 16 Dec 2012; published 16 Dec 2012
Germany's Energy Revolution and its European Neighbours
updated 23 Jul 2014; published 23 Jul 2014
EU damaging its economy beyond repair - @RogerHelmerMEP @UKIP
updated 13 May 2011; published 13 May 2011
Portugal and Renewable Energy- Expat Youth Scholarship Submission- Moriel Levy
updated 01 Oct 2014; published 01 Oct 2014
Squandering taxpayers money on the EU's spy spacecraft - @DavidCoburnUkip
Number of Ebola cases nears 10,000
Full Article The Times of India
23 Oct 2014

GENEVA: The number of people with Ebola is set to hit 10,000 in West Africa, the World Health Organization said, as the scramble to find a cure gathered pace. The UN's public health body said 9,936 people in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone — the three countries at the epicentre of the world's worst-ever Ebola epidemic — have contracted the...

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A healthcare worker in protective gear sprays disinfectant around the house of a person suspected to have Ebola virus in Port Loko Community, situated on the outskirts of Freetown, Sierra Leone, Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2014.
photo: AP / Michael Duff

updated 19 Oct 2014; published 19 Oct 2014
Canada to ship 800 experimental doses Ebola vaccine to WHO in Geneva
updated 18 Oct 2014; published 18 Oct 2014
Canada to Send 800 Vials of 'Experimental' Ebola Vaccine to WHO!
updated 19 Oct 2014; published 19 Oct 2014
Canada ships experimental Ebola vaccine to WHO
updated 22 Oct 2014; published 22 Oct 2014
EBOLA VACCINE - World Health Organization Says an Ebola Vaccine Could Available By January 2015
updated 28 Sep 2014; published 28 Sep 2014
Experimental Ebola Vaccines May Be Ready By 2015
updated 08 Aug 2014; published 08 Aug 2014
WHO Declares Ebola Epidemic an International Health Emergency
Terrorists End Canada's Innocence
Full Article The Daily Beast
22 Oct 2014

Gunman attacked parliament in an unprecedented attack that brought real terrorism to the country for the first time. An unprecedented attack shook Canada on Wednesday as at least one gunman attacked parliament and the country's war memorial in the capital, Ottawa. A fundamentally quiet and orderly town, Ottawa rocked by the shooting of a...

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5**Andre Senecal is silhouetted behind a Canadian flag at the University of Vermont Canadian Studies building, Tuesday, Feb. 10, 2004, in Burlington, Vt.. For a quarter of a century, Senecal has been trying to get Americans to understand that Canada is more than polar bears, red-coated constables, hockey and long winters. Senecal introduces students to Quebec literature and leads delegations to Ottawa where they visit the Gothic revival Parliament building and learn some of the intricacies of the European style of governm
photo: AP / Alden Pellett

updated 23 Oct 2014; published 23 Oct 2014
Following Parliament Hill Attack Canada's Military Told to Stay Out of Uniform In Public!
updated 22 Oct 2014; published 22 Oct 2014
2 Dead in Shooting Attack at Canada's Parliament
updated 22 Oct 2014; published 22 Oct 2014
Raw Video Canadian parliament shooting lockdown shooting |'Parliament Hill is Under Attack
updated 22 Oct 2014; published 22 Oct 2014
Canada Parliament Shooting - Terror Attack at National War Memorial Canada Ottawa
updated 22 Oct 2014; published 22 Oct 2014
Terror on Canada's Parliament Hill
updated 23 Oct 2014; published 23 Oct 2014
2 dead in shooting attack at Canada’s Parliament
Two World War II Battle Ships Discovered Off North Carolina
Full Article Yahoo Daily News
22 Oct 2014

Two World War II vessels that sunk within moments of each other 72 years ago have been rediscovered on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean, resting only a few hundred yards apart. The Allied merchant freighter Bluefields and the German U-boat U-576 went down on July 15, 1942, part of the larger Battle of the Atlantic that raged throughout the war. The...

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ATLANTIC OCEAN (June 6, 2012) The Ohio-class ballistic-missile submarine USS Wyoming (SSBN 742) is underway. Wyoming surfaced to accept Midshipmen for professional training and to conduct a proof of concept for personnel evacacuation from a submarine witha V-22 Osprey.
photo: Public Domain / Official Navy Page

updated 18 Sep 2013; published 18 Sep 2013
Russian Destroyer war ship in storm. North Atlantic trip in 2004
updated 21 Feb 2013; published 21 Feb 2013
Battlefield: Battle of the Atlantic Part 1
updated 22 Oct 2014; published 22 Oct 2014
World War II Ships Found Deep in 'Graveyard of the Atlantic'
updated 22 Oct 2014; published 22 Oct 2014
German WWII U-Boat Found Near North Carolina Coast
updated 02 Jun 2014; published 02 Jun 2014
Atlantic Convoys: The War at Sea 1/2 (History War Documentary)
updated 03 Oct 2013; published 03 Oct 2013
The Battle Of The Atlantic:( 2 / 3) Keeping Secrets
When only 4 per cent of those killed by US drone strikes are named members ...
Full Article The Independent
22 Oct 2014

Responding to a question about drone strikes on BBC’s Hard Talk last year, US Secretary of State John Kerry laid out a clear message. “The only people we fire a drone at are confirmed terrorist targets at the highest level,” he said. “We don't just fire a drone at somebody and think they're a terrorist.” Earlier this month, the US completed its...

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File - A U.S. Air Force MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle sits on a ramp in Afghanistan Sept. 30, 2007, during Operation Enduring Freedom.
photo: USMC /

updated 16 Sep 2013; published 16 Sep 2013
Protest Against Drone Strikes In Pakistan At Wilson Center In Washington, DC
updated 08 Sep 2013; published 08 Sep 2013
NATO Accused Of Killing Afghan Civilians
updated 29 Apr 2012; published 29 Apr 2012
Officials: Al Qaeda is Diminished, Not Capable of Big Attack
updated 20 Jul 2011; published 20 Jul 2011
Afghanistan safer after US withdrawal?
updated 10 Sep 2012; published 10 Sep 2012
Californians think Sears Tower was attacked by Decepticons on September 11th 2001
updated 20 Oct 2013; published 20 Oct 2013
Peter Schiff: US lost ability to produce, can't live without debt

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London Evening Standard
Tough female bosses have had a bad press. Even now, as ever more women claw their way to the top of industry and poke pinholes in the glass ceiling, there are still mutterings...
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Yahoo Daily News
An apparently jealous man on Monday warned President Obama to stay away from his fiancée. No, we are not making this up. It is actual news. Mr. Obama was casting his vote early at...

Ebola survivors in Liberia are symbols of hope and help
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Published October 23, 2014Reuters Facebook0 Twitter0 Email Print Four survivors of the Ebola outbreak, who were treated by Gorbee Logan, a Liberian doctor who says he has successfully treated Ebola patients with anti-retroviral drugs, walk at a...
photo: US Army / Craig Philbrick
Ebola Fighters Enlist Texts in Bid to Curb Outbreak
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Aid workers in Liberia tried out a new tool this week to contain the world’s worst Ebola outbreak: the text message. Using technology that can target mobile phones in a specific area, workers with the United Nations Children’s Fund sent texts to a...
photo: US Army / Craig Philbrick
Somali Pirates Still Holding 37 Sailors: UN Official
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NEW YORK, October 23 (RIA Novosti) - Somali pirates are still holding 37 sailors, raising serious international concern, UN official Jeffrey Feltman stated. "Somali pirates are still holding 37 seafarers, which is a matter of serious international...
photo: UN / Rick Bajornas
US and UK asked Australia to send personnel to West Africa to combat Ebola crisis
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A Liberian health worker helps at the Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) Ebola treatment centre in Monrovia, Liberia. Photo: AFP The Pulse Live: Stephanie Peatling blogs live from Parliament Both the United States and the United...
photo: US Army / Craig Philbrick
Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper meets with President Barack Obama in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2009.
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Travel deals WASHINGTON - (AP) -- President Barack Obama condemned fatal shootings in Canada on Wednesday as "outrageous attacks." ''We're all shaken by it," he said. Obama said the motive for the shootings remained unknown. But he said as more...
photo: AP / Charles Dharapak
Families of the victims of the September 2007 shooting by Blackwater security guards are seen at the prime minister's office in Baghdad, Iraq, Monday, Jan. 18. 2010.
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October 22, 2014 -- Updated 1938 GMT (0338 HKT) (CNN) -- After marathon deliberations, a federal jury found four ex-Blackwater Worldwide contractors guilty Wednesday in a deadly 2007 mass shooting in Baghdad's Nusoor Square. Nicholas Slatten, 30, of...
photo: AP / Hadi Mizban
Gaza inquiry
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A probe into what happened in Gaza is late, but it’s never too late. United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon surprised the diplomatic circles when he said that he will personally conduct an inquiry into the episode of death and destruction in...
photo: UN / Loey Felipe