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At least 3 foreign troops killed in Afghanistan suicide bombing
Full Article Fox News
16 Sep 2014

Published September 16, Facebook0 Twitter0 livefyre September 16, 2014: NATO and Afghan security forces inspect the site of a suicide attack in Kabul. (AP Photo/Rahmat Gul) The NATO-led international military coalition in Afghanistan said that three of its service members were killed and five others were wounded when a Taliban...

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At least 3 foreign troops killed in Afghanistan suicide bombing
photo: AP / Musadeq Sadeq

updated 10 Aug 2014; published 10 Aug 2014
Suicide Bomber Targets Foreign Troops In Kabul, Four Civilians Killed
updated 16 Sep 2014; published 16 Sep 2014
NATO troops killed in Kabul suicide blast
updated 29 Oct 2011; published 29 Oct 2011
Kabul suicide bomb kills 13 foreign troops
updated 22 Jul 2014; published 22 Jul 2014
Three foreign advisers and Afghan killed by suicide bomber near Kabul airport
updated 29 Oct 2011; published 29 Oct 2011
Kabul suicide bomb kills 13 foreign troops
updated 17 May 2013; published 17 May 2013
SIX DEAD in Kabul suicide blast
Ukraine crisis: Parliament set to ratify landmark EU deal
Full Article BBC News
16 Sep 2014

Ukraine's lawmakers are set to ratify a landmark EU association agreement - in proceedings simultaneous with a session of the European Parliament. Both sides will start the procedure at 10:00 GMT, in what Ukraine's president said would be a "historic" day. But the implementation of a free trade deal - part of the package - has...

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Surrounded by bodyguards, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, center, walks, during his visit to the Ilich Iron and Steel Works in the southern coastal town of Mariupol, Ukraine, Monday, Sept. 8, 2014.
photo: AP / Sergei Grits

updated 16 Apr 2014; published 16 Apr 2014
Ukraine: European Parliament calls for immediate Iran-style sanctions against Russia
updated 13 Mar 2014; published 13 Mar 2014
Russia must respect territorial integrity of Ukraine - European Parliament
updated 06 Mar 2014; published 06 Mar 2014
European Parliament promises Ukraine help
updated 12 Dec 2013; published 12 Dec 2013
European Parliament calls for EU intervention in Ukraine crisis
updated 02 May 2014; published 02 May 2014
EU will burst at seams after European Parliament elections - Geert Wilders
updated 15 Jul 2014; published 15 Jul 2014
EU sanctions and militarism will not work against Russia - Paul Nuttall, UKIP Deputy Leader
First US strike in expanded Iraq fight
Full Article Fresno Bee
16 Sep 2014

WASHINGTON — The United States bombed an Islamic State position southwest of Baghdad on Monday in what the U.S. Central Command said was the first airstrike undertaken under expanded rules of engagement President Barack Obama outlined in a speech last week. The Central Command statement posted Monday night provided no details of the strike,...

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First US strike in expanded Iraq fight
photo: AP Photo

updated 15 Sep 2014; published 15 Sep 2014
U.S. Begins 'New Phase' of Bombing ISIS Near Baghdad
updated 16 Sep 2014; published 16 Sep 2014
US airstrikes to support Iraqi troops under attack
updated 24 Aug 2014; published 24 Aug 2014
Iraqi Government Force Clears Mosul Dam Area
updated 08 Aug 2014; published 08 Aug 2014
US Launches 2 More Airstrikes on ISIS - More Bombs Dropped on Iraqi Militants
updated 16 Sep 2014; published 16 Sep 2014
US air strikes to support Iraqi troops under attack
updated 16 Sep 2014; published 16 Sep 2014
US airstrikes to support Iraqi troops under attack
Nasa's hunt for dangerous asteroids falls short, report shows
Full Article The Times of India
16 Sep 2014

CAPE CANAVERAL: Nasa won't meet a congressionally ordered goal to find 90 per cent of nearby and potentially dangerous asteroids larger than 460 feet (140 meters) in diameter, the agency's Inspector General said on Monday. The shortfall comes despite a 10-fold increase in Nasa's annual budget over the past five years - from $4 million in 2009 to...

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File - Artist's impression of the double asteroid Antiope. Both components are shown to have a quasi-spherical shape.
photo: ESO

updated 05 Jul 2014; published 05 Jul 2014
NASA Warns Astronauts of Electric Asteroids | Space News
updated 16 Sep 2014; published 16 Sep 2014
NASA's Hunt for Dangerous Asteroids Falls Short, Report Shows
updated 20 Jul 2014; published 20 Jul 2014
Canada partners with NASA to intercept potentially dangerous asteroid
updated 06 Jul 2014; published 06 Jul 2014
NASA Warns Astronauts of Electric Asteroids | Space News
updated 16 Sep 2014; published 16 Sep 2014
NASA's Hunt for Dangerous Asteroids Falls Short | BREAKING NEWS - 16 SEPTEMBER 2014
updated 29 Nov 2013; published 29 Nov 2013
Comet Ison: the dangers of asteroids and comets
Oscar Pistorius agent denies athlete is working on tell-all book about Reeva Steenkamp shooting
Full Article The Independent
15 Sep 2014

Oscar Pistorius' agent has denied the athlete is planning to write a tell-all book about the night he killed girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp following media reports suggesting that he was in talks for "concepts and ideas" about a potential memoir. Over the weekend, the athlete's manager, Peet Van Zyl, was quoted in The Observer newspaper as saying they...

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Escorted by police and security, Oscar Pistorius leaves the high court in Pretoria, South Africa, Friday, Sept. 12, 2014.
photo: AP / Themba Hadebe

updated 10 Oct 2013; published 10 Oct 2013
Kendrick Johnson 17 murdered at school no accident Graphic disturbing details and pics want justice
updated 08 Jun 2014; published 08 Jun 2014
What Is The Pentecost?
updated 17 Mar 2014; published 17 Mar 2014
Kimunya denies charges, freed on Sh1mn cash bail
updated 26 Jun 2013; published 26 Jun 2013
Dagbreek: Tegnologie - Spy Gadgets
updated 08 Apr 2014; published 08 Apr 2014
ChannelsTV News@10 (08/04/2014) Part 4
updated 10 Sep 2014; published 10 Sep 2014
Oscar Pistorius trial verdict Inside the house where Reeva Steenkamp was killed Mirror Online

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Once again, US politicians and pundits are beating the drums of war, trying to get our nation involved in yet another conflict. A few years ago it was Iran, with “all options on...
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The Independent
Islamic State (Isis) militants are taking in more than $3m (£1.8m) a day through oil smuggling, extortion, theft and human trafficking, say intelligence officials and experts. Aid...
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NEW YORK (Reuters) - A spate of late withdrawals, a serious injury to Paul George and several marquee names missing appeared to put Team USA under a cloud for the 2014 Basketball...

Gazans rush to enjoy life after ruinous war
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GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) -- After a ruinous war, Gaza is rushing back to a veneer of normalcy at astonishing speed. Street cafes and beaches are packed with people until late at night. Families crowd the few public parks. Wedding halls are booked...
photo: WN / Ahmed Deeb
 Mediterranean Sea / wam2
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1:33 PM ET i i An Armed Forces of Malta (AFM) ship carrying rescued migrants arrives at the AFM Maritime Squadron base at Haywharf in Valletta's Marsamxett Harbour in October of last year. The number of migrants trying to make their way from the...
photo: creative commons / Juan-Les-Pins
LAPD spokesman Lt. Andy Neiman, left, with officer Norma Eisenman, talks to reporters during a news briefing at LAPD headquarters regarding Christopher Dorner, who is suspected of a deadly revenge plot against the Los Angeles Police Department on Wednesday, Feb. 13,2013. Neiman said the department has returned to normal patrol operations and said approximately a dozen of the more than 50 protective details remain in place and will stay that way until the remains of Dorner are positively identified.
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Danièle Watts was detained by Los Angeles police after they mistook her for a prostitute. The actress, who played CoCo in Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained, revealed details of the incident via a post on her Facebook page....
photo: AP / Richard Vogel
Huang Nubo, chairman of Zhong Kun Group, center, introduces his land-purchasing plan in Iceland to the press at a meeting room of his company's headquarters building in Beijing, China, Friday, Sept. 2, 2011.
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BEIJING: Nearly half of China's super-wealthy individuals are considering leaving the country, a survey said on Monday, with most citing better overseas educational and employment opportunities for their children. The global survey of 2,000 high net...
photo: AP / Alexander F. Yuan
A man row his makeshift raft on submerged in Bemina Srinagar, India, Monday, Sep. 15, 2014. Massive dewatering operations have been launched in flood-hit areas of the city as military and civilian rescuers have been using helicopters and boats to evacuate people since Sept. 3, when monsoon rains triggered flooding in the disputed region of Kashmir and Pakistan's Punjab.
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The Indian federal government said it feared a rise in the number of people getting sick from dirty water and had delivered 25 water filtration plants with the capacity to filter 400,000 litres a day. Indian emergency workers battled on Monday to...
photo: WN / Imran Nissar
Lieutenant General Ahmed Maqsood, Military Advisor for DPKO, and Brigadier General Frederic Hingray, Chief of Staff for MINUSCA Force, travel to the military base of MISCA, the African-led International Support Mission to the Central African Republic, in Kaga Bandora 330km north of Bangui on 6 July 2014. Fighting broke out in CAR when the mainly Muslim Seleka alliance seized power in a coup in March 2013. UN agencies estimate that 2 million people, almost half of the population, are in need of assistance. The Security Council voted on 10 April 2014 to send 12,000 peacekeepers to help return order to CAR. The MISCA military base in Kaga Bandoro will become one of three Section Headquarters (SHQ) Center for the United Nations' mission in the Central African Republic.UN Photo/Catianne Tijerina
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Sectarian violence is increasing in northern and central parts of Central African Republic, two human-rights groups said, as the United Nations began deploying a peacekeeping mission in the war-torn country. At least 146 people died since in the...
photo: UN Photo / Catianne Tijerina
U.S. Cousins DeMarcus, center, dunks during the final World Basketball
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The United States romped to their fifth basketball World Cup title after overcoming an early deficit to overwhelm the tournament's surprise package Serbia 129-92 in a one-sided final. An athletic US team, missing top NBA players such as...
photo: AP / Daniel Ochoa de Olza